Friday Session with Nutritionist Karen Woo

Hi everybody, this is Linda, a 2nd year of AGE UP, and the rest of the media group! Today, to start off the session, we ate a delicious meal cooked and provided by the 2nd years in the cooking committee led by Lisa. The meal was comprised of noodles and a lovely vegetable and meat sauce. The committee also provided pesto, steamed broccoli, and garlic bread. We were so lucky that to help us wash down the food properly, we had some calcium and protein enriched milk, yum.

In our discussion part of the program, we learned about the importance of calcium and protein for growing bones and muscles. Our guest speaker today was Karen Woo, a nutritionist, who educates groups about keeping their bodies healthy, especially for sports.

In the midst of learning about our bodies and what we considered “healthy,” we did an activity with legos of different size, which represented the health value of each item of food we consumed. We learned about the importance of eating the right balance of foods that would fuel our bodies to perform better, especially in sports. As a group, we also discussed the potential dangers of consuming unknown substances that as athletes, we might be pressured to ingest.

Toward the end of the discussion, while everyone left for the gym, the media group and some of the facilitators stayed back to clean up. While washing the dishes, we were advised to wash with hot water and half of the media group screeched in unison with the ecstatic preschoolers in the next room.

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