MLK Day + Snow = Good Times

Hey everyone, it’s Hallie. I was sad to be stuck in my house yesterday instead of going to AGE-UP, but I did get to enjoy the weather and have a different powerful experience on Monday. I marched in the MLK march downtown, chanting with the enthusiastic crowd, “What do we want?” “Justice!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” and “The people united will never be divided!”

I was there with the Amnesty International club from my school and carried a petition that I completely filled with signatures (29!) of people in support of the the release of Liu Xiaobo who is a Nobel Peace Price winner imprisoned in China for exercising his right to freedom of speech by criticizing corruption in the government. It is one thing to have compassion, but it is another to act on it. Often action requires sacrifice. At first I was shy to approach people. I knew most people would agree to sign it, so I guess I just didn’t want to intrude or make a fool of myself. But soon enough I realized I needed to sacrifice comfort and take the chance of being embarrassed for a much more important cause.

I realized that it’s okay to go to events knowing nothing about the issues they address because, if I do now, when I am older I will knowledgeable enough to be active and make good decisions. I am also planning on going to a death penalty lobby day in Olympia on the 25th, even though I am not in an informed position to lobby, because it will help me move toward being a more aware citizen.

Hope you are staying safe and warm and enjoying the unusual weather! Here is an AGE-UP snowwoman for your personal enjoyment. I will now go ski to the grocery store!

One thought on “MLK Day + Snow = Good Times

  • Calise

    “It is one thing to have compassion, but it is another to act on it.”

    Awesome, Hallie.


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