Amanda Tries to Cover Up a Day Spent Unwisely

Good morrow, readers. It’s 1:25am and I’m currently bored and unsatisfied with everything. Kidding.

Today (yesterday?), the second years’ session was cancelled due to snow and ice in the evening forecast. And get this: the facilitators didn’t want us driving around in icy conditions at night (not that I could anyway). Meaning? They care! Woohoo!

I told Leah I would blog about mitosis and meiosis because I intended on spending my snow day studying… but I didn’t. So instead, here’s a brief description of the process of mitosis and its relation to AGE-UP.

For starters, mitosis is the process in which eukaryotic (animal and plant) cells divide.

As you can see, that purple thing is the “nucleus”. That’s where mitosis starts. However, this is AGE-UP we’re talking about. Therefore, that’s not a nucleus. That’s a heart. In the heart, the chromatin, or “love”, coil together to create chromosomes, or “lots of love”.

On second thought… this is biology, not AGE-UP.

Well… I tried. Sorry Leah! I couldn’t think of AGE-UP equivalents to centromeres, microtubules, centrioles, and other gross stuff.

So here’s a cat.

Cats need lots of love and the ability to do mitosis in order to survive. Kind of relevant, right?

3 thoughts on “Amanda Tries to Cover Up a Day Spent Unwisely

  • Calise

    SO RELEVANT. That is a great cat.

  • Hallie

    The microtubules are the heartstrings that are pulled by the centrosomes which are personal discussions like last week. 🙂

  • Emma

    I really liked the cat. Best part. Stole the show.


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