Facing Body Image

Good afternoon bloggers! Linda wrote a majority of the post, so credits to her!
Today’s session was about our perceptions of beauty and specifically, body image. The workshop was led by our 2nd years, Jhanelle, Frances, and Soriya. It was also the session where coaches and players participated in separate workshops. To be honest, we clicked better and spoke out more when it was just teenage girls around – no offense.

At first, we did an activity about body image. In a circle, we were asked: What does it mean to be called beautiful? Some replies were:

“To me, it means that somebody else thinks I’m both physically beautiful and they like who I am.” –Emma

“Can I disagree with that? This girl, this one cheerleader, at my school – she’s long gone now. This cheerleader she was really pretty. I used to admire her, but when I finally got to know her – she sucked. Her attitude was, I don’t know but she was really bossy, and all this other stuff. And I was like dang, I don’t like her anymore.” –Kay

Although the discussion turned into a bit of a debate, we all had our own opinions about beauty. We later anonymously shared what we liked and disliked about our bodies in a note card activity.

After, we had our ultimate frisbee portion inside Jefferson CC’s gym. We warmed up by easing through two warm-up jogs, plyometrics, and come-to drills. We then split into two groups in order to work on drills to work on defense and reading the disc.
Finishing the drills, we divided into four different groups; two of which conditioned with Shannon while the others scrimmaged.

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