Second Years Get Recappin’ (And Other Stuff)

Hello, hello, readers. Hope you all enjoyed your day. I sure did. The AGE-UP page on facebook got 18 more likes! Good job, media group and others!

Anyway, this past Tuesday, we sat around a triangular array of tables and had chili for dinner. We then explained the racism workshop for those who were unable to attend. After everyone was on the same page, we discussed the significance of the workshop and concluded that despite our differences in race and social upbringing, we all had tons in common.

With the recap out of the way, we proceeded with the mid-program check-in. To start, we each shared a positive aspect of the program, added something we felt should be changed, and gave ideas for what AGE-UP should do next. We kind of got too excited with the last one…

For the last hour, we broke into our respective job groups and did work!

Sorry. There weren’t any pictures of this session. So here are some fun facts:

  • Lisa gave me the responsibility of stirring the chili, but I forgot to, so it burned…
  • “Sam’s hair” = “Sam’s here”
  • I am banned from the flip cam.
  • In case of talent shows, I think talking about my day would be a great idea.
  • We got our AGE-UP sweat pants!

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