Laughin’ it Up at Age-UP.

Last Tuesday, we started off the session with eating SUSHI! Thanks to the cooking team who made massive amounts of ’em: ones with spam & others with tofu. I’ve never seen so much sushi in my life, it was very filling.

As we all got sushi, we made a ‘squircle’ with the tables and came together as a group. We went around the group checking in on how we felt at the moment. Then, Tiffany talked about what she was going to do at her talent show. She was going to play DDR (because she’s beastly at it), but because of technical difficulties, she couldn’t do it. This led to everyone going around one more time answering to, “What would be your talent?”

Boy, were we cracking up!!!!

Some of the most memorable talents were:

– Lisa’s awesome parallel parking
– Jhanelle’s Alvin and the Chipmunks voice
– Tiffany’s monkey expression
Sam’s chicken noises
& Julie’s uncontrollable laughs were just golden.

We were all crying from laughter. I couldn’t even feel my cheeks!

After nearly 30 minutes of laughing nonstop, we finally got down to business. We scattered into our assigned groups: Media/Outreach, Top Chef, and facilitators to discuss upcoming sessions and events. As the time to go home came near, we regrouped back as one and checked out with something we learned.

This session must’ve been one of the most memorable because I swear we laughed uncontrollably for such a long time!

I hope you guys are having a great Friday session. I’m at home right now feeling sick, wishing I was there today! Time to sign out, dueces.

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