Talking About Our Futures

This Tuesday we had a great session with two guests from Scholarship Junkies. We introduced ourselves while pigging out on baked pasta and then jumped right in to learning about the crazy world of scholarships. I, for one, learned a ton of new things! Sam, CEO of Scholarship Junkies, answered our questions, gave us tips, and inspired hope for our futures. He was very experienced with helping high school students like us. A lot of his knowledge came from his own experiences applying to 75+ scholarships (WOW) and ultimately succeeding in covering his entire college tuition! I was amazed.

It turns out there are actually many scholarships that barely anyone applies to as well as many very strange and possibly controversial ones. We learned about scholarships based on need, achievement, race (the fairness of this was a topic for discussion), and odd things no one would ever think you could get a load of money for. The weirdest one Sam applied for was from Cement Mixers of Washington, but he also entertained us with the Stuck at Prom Duck Tape Scholarship and the Duck Calling Scholarship. Many companies like McDonalds and Best Buy have scholarships as well. Thank you to Scholarship Junkies for all you taught us!

We ended our session by checking in with our job groups. As an outcome of this meeting, we now have a TWITTER ACCOUNT!!! Follow us @AGE UP1!

Lots of love,


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