2nd Years Reunite For A Meeting

Hey bloggers, long time no talk! I’m here today to fill you in on our Tuesday meeting with the 2nd years! When we first arrived there everyone was just chilling and watching videos as others slowly filled in for the meeting. Boy, were we hungry! We drank some milk & ate some grilled cheese sandwiches; some just had sandwiches and other condiments – mmm! As we ate, we filled each other in with what was going on with our lives, but once we were done with that we got down to business. We talked about a fundraiser we were thinking of doing – stay tuned by the way about that!

We 2nd years were also talking about what AGE UP spring sessions would be like; visiting less schools but going there multiple times to teach the children wanting to know about Ultimate Frisbee. That way we can grow a bigger bond with the kids and have an even bigger impact on them. As 2nd years, we’re excited to be able to get even younger kids than us to start loving Ultimate Frisbee!
Once we were done with the serious business; charades! It was a hoot; everyone was on the floor laughing as we were watching the acts we had about each other! For example, how certain people played Frisbee, their own “catch phrase,” and their facial expressions – if you know what I’m saying, aha.

To close off on a successful and odd meeting for us 2nd years, we had a “What We Were Looking Forward to on Wednesday” check out.

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  • tphizzle

    Miyo just loves being on the ground. puahaha


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