US OPEN Day 2!

Friday, the morning of our presentation, we woke up around 6:30 to someone constantly knocking on the door. It was none other than Hana Kawai, who would not stop knocking until we answered. Our presentation was at eight and it went great! People loved it, or so we’re told. At first for me (Soriya), it was nerve-wracking, especially with the constant fear of losing my voice because of my cold, but then it went smoothly which was really awesome.  More details about what we presented on in a later post. For now, here’s a short clip where we introduce the youth leader / adult ally exercise.


After the presentation, we each had a ten-dollar buffet breakfast that wasn’t really worth $10. However we did get to hang out with a bunch of Riot players, which was awesome. We then had some down time where we went to get some fro-yo. It was pretty delicious! As the afternoon rolled around, we went to watch Riot games, which were both pretty cool and intense. While watching we played some walk-timate: Lisa and Sam versus Amanda, Susan and me.  I have got to say, we beat them pretty bad.

We went back to the hotel due to the weather conditions, which delayed the game (lightning and thunder). We found the pool and played a game of pool-timate with the same teams. Unfortunately, Sam and Lisa beat us, but they had an unfair advantage! They were swimmers and 2/3 of us were not! For dinner we went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Café, which had huge servings and was delicious. It was nearly impossible finish it all. We went back to Lisa’s and Sam’s room and then watched some Youtube videos, which included White and Nerdy, a parody by Weird Al.

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