US Open Day 3!

AYEEE, it’s Susan! I’m also here in Colorado at USAU US Open. Saturday morning, we woke up around 8 AM, and ate breakfast at a local coffee shop. Let me tell you, THEY HAD THE BEST BAGELS EVER! And smoothies.

After our meeting with Melanie from USA Ultimate, Soriya, Amanda and I went to the room and chilled. Sometime during that duration the coaches came as well to check out, but left to do something in their room. While they did that, Soriya and I hid in places; she hid in the closet and I hid in a cabinet. Lisa and Sam came back and began to look in places in our room! Lisa opened the door to where I was but didn’t notice me, so I jumped out and was like AHHHHH! She and Sam screamed and Amanda and I were DYYYYIN! Moments after, they looked for Soriya. Lisa opened the closet and didn’t notice her either! Soriya jumped out and Sam and Lisa screamed!!! Lisa even tripped onto the floor! Yup, funniest moment this day.

Moving on, we went to Pikes Peak, a mountain, not too long afterwards. It took about an hour getting up to the top. We encountered hail, clouds, mountain goats, chipmunks, marmots, popping ears, motion sickness and headaches.

At the summit!

When we reached the top, the elevation was about 14,110 ft! The first thing we did was throw a Frisbee. Then took pictures, “raced”, went to the tourist shop and got delicious donuts. Amazing experience.

Stairway to heaven...


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