US Open Day 4!

Hi everyone, because I had to write about our final day in Colorado, I decided to post this really late to build suspense. Kidding.

Our last day in Colorado turned out stellar. After getting ready, we strolled over to a cafe and grabbed breakfast to bring to the fields. As we were waiting, I stole Sam’s phone and slipped it to Susan, who took the best picture of herself and set that as his wallpaper. Upon getting the phone back, I passed it to Lisa, who set the phone back on the table when Sam wasn’t looking. Who said AGE-UP was just about ultimate? #teamwork

Not THE picture, but an example of one.

With our breakfasts in hand, we headed to the tournament to watch Riot battle their way to the finals. Despite parking troubles, we arrived in time to enjoy the last half of Riot’s game (and victory) against Phoenix. We even had the gall to throw on the field (unused) after they finished!

However, the tension in the air began to match the intensity of the thin Coloradan air as Riot faced off against Scandal in the women’s finals. Regardless, that didn’t stop generous players from letting us wear their jerseys.

My hair robs Alyssa of all credit.

As amazing as Riot’s 15-10 victory was, I paid more attention to behavior on the sideline during the game. There was an instance where the sideline of spectators and competitors disagreed with a call and started booing. I mean, c’mon. That “Spirit of the Game” thing I learned in middle school applies off the field too.

This is what I think of you mutilating my favorite sport. Also, go back to middle school.

After Riot received their medals and Hana claimed her spirit award, they gave us their extra medals. YAY.

As faux-winners (not really), we embarked on a million hour road trip to Downtown Boulder. On the way, we played Contact, a word guessing game that made the ride exponentially more fun (and kept me awake). We also ate enormous burritos upon arriving (not pictured).

Weird? We had nothing on Downtown Boulder.

We spent a majority of our time in Downtown Boulder watching street performers, admiring hand-crafted glass art, and counting hippies. But of course, the action happened at the UC-Boulder, where we admired their turtles, played fliers, threw trickshots from their buildings, and climbed their stairways.

 Then we went home.

I'm tired, okay....


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