US Open Day One Recap

Hey y’all, this is Soriya, in Colorado at the USAU US open. Our day started off super early, at 5:30am to be exact. The security checkpoint was my highlight of our time at the airport as I’m sure that it is for everyone who travels by air. Our flight departed around 7:40 and most of us fell asleep as soon as we got into the air. Towards the last hour, Lisa and Sam worked on a crossword puzzle, I attempted to read Fredrick Douglass’s novel and Susan and Amanda were asleep. Once we landed, we began our journey here in Colorado.

Our first stop was getting our rental car. We loaded onto the Hertz shuttle. We were on a shuttle with at least 10 other people and sat in the back where we overheard a man talk about money being tight then continue to talk about spending $1000 on fireworks. I think it’s clear that he needs an AGE UP ‘socio-economic class’ session. We reach our first stop, for Gold Hertz members, where everyone got off leaving us AGE UPers alone on the shuttle. We eventually got into our rental and went for food. Lisa was our driver and Sam was our navigator. He was the best navigator at getting us lost. But once we found our way, we went to a Mexican grocery/restaurant. Although we had a language barrier between us, the food was delicious! After leaving Denver, we had an hour and a half car ride to Colorado Springs. Everyone in the back seat, (Amanda, Susan and I) fell asleep for most of the ride.

Once we got our rooms we got settled in and watched some tv. After about an hour we went to watch Riot and Phoenix play, which was really fun to watch. We returned and rested for a bit. We worked on our workshop and did some editing before practicing and learned that Hana is a cranky person after 9. I’m super excited and nervous for the workshop. Hopefully I won’t lose my voice! ☺

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