Well hello everyone!

AGE UP is back again; back in action. Two weeks ago returners met up for their first Wednesday session to learn what groups we would be in: media, outreach, facilitation, fundraising, or cooking. Once finding out our groups we took the session to talk about or goals, projects and other adventures that would happen in the coming year.

Wednesday night the AGE UP returners began the evening with some Walk-ti-Boot, a variation on the frisbee game, Boot. After the marvelous intro the girls ate Mexican food, I heard there were beans, fajitas, and sweet potatoes. While finishing our meals girls took turns listening to each others days and getting to know someone new. After dinner the girls departed into their groups: media, outreach, facilitation, fundraising, and cooking. In their groups the girls gave a little intro about themselves.

After some fun we went into serious mode and everyone talked about their family. While there were some tears here and there everyone was still in support of each other. Sam summarized themes that he heard while bouncing back and forth between the two groups.

Then we found out we got a 9,000$ grant from Sketchers! The grant is for the 2013-2014 season which means AgeUp will happen next year! Thank you Sketchers!!

After the long night we ended the night with group work.

We came back together and shared each groups plan for the upcoming sessions and then checked out


-Izet and the media team

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