Tonight (last Friday) was an amazing night with the first years! We started off with FOOD! Yummy delicious tofu and vegetables were served, along with rice and fruits!!! After we were all stuffed, we checked in like usual. Going around we heard…”Man boobs, weirdos, murse, stupid, donk, stereotypes, muscles” all were under categories of men/boys, women/girls from a cool wordle that Lisa made.Soriya showed some videos, one about what media does to beauty, and one with facts about the effect of media made by Soriya. Many were shocked that so many girls of all ages were insecure about themselves.

When we split into groups to make collages, we talked about beauty and what is beauty. We also went further about media and the effect it had on the view of what beauty truly is. Self empowerment, and what can we do to fight the image of media beauty was also a strong topic.

Here, shows how the teams “Kit-Kat Gang”, “Make Me a Sandwich”, “The Boss Status”, and “Feisty Nachos” showing off their collages that represent what beauty in the media is like

One of the groups said “These posters are not beautiful because we are not in it!” We couldn’t agree more!

After all of that jazzzzz, we headed to the Gym where we got down and dirty (not literally). True players always start off with a warm-up and Shannon made it truly fun when she had us talk about our day, our favorite food, what we wanna be when we grow up, etc. Things got really crazy when we enjoyed a good game of the KING OF THE LINE! Woot woot*

The first years were split into two teams, taking turns scrimmaging and doing drills,

At the end of the day, we all brought it in for a checkout and did a proud and loud AgeUp cheer to sign out! 🙂

Mandy and Samiya

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