UW Field Trip 2012

Hola age up fanatics!

On Saturday December 8th we went on an incredible field trip to the University of Washington. We were joined by the lovely dream project. A group devoted to helping first generation students go to college. They specifically work in King county and help low income students. The AgeUp girls had the opportunity to discuss their plans for college. We shared the struggles to getting to college and the solutions we would have for the problems. The dream project team gave us insight on how they made it through their own individual struggles.

After that we played some frisbee with the Udub women’s team, Element! We were taught multiple ways on how we could throw a forehand and a backhand using our body. After that we scrimmaged with Women’s team. It was amazing!

After we received a tour from one if the dream project members. She showed us significant sights. She also showed us the positives on going to the University as well! I myself really enjoyed the “hogwarts” library. It was amazing!!

After the incredible tour we played a scavenger hunt. We were put into teams and were suppose to take pictures with specific historic sights. Tiffany’s team came in first…… ! Haha! Anyways we had an amazing day with Udub and appreciated it!

Pictures added!


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