Facilitation Group Field Trip!

Written By Susan

On January 7, Tiffany, Azia, Jhanelle, Hana and I went to visit
Planned Parenthood to prepare to run an upcoming workshop on Sex Ed.
At Planned Parenthood, we talked to 3 different sex educators, Teddy,
Megan, and Becky, about methods to facilitate a successful workshop.
Going into the meeting, we had absolutely no idea how we were going to
do this. We asked many questions; how to make it comfortable, what we
should talk about, where resources are, and how to put sex in a
positive light without endorsing it. They all answered them

Coming out of the meeting, we had new ideas on activities,
content, and an attitude that will be incorporated into the workshop.
In fact, when Azia got home, she couldn’t wait to start building the
workshop! Now, you will have to wait until the 25th to see how it

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