Can opener!

Speaking of can openers, today we’ve talked about healthy and unhealthy relationships. We opened our bottled or you know – canned up feelings and released them to a colorful orangey paper. But before that, let’s get down to the food. Mmm.
As all you iCarly fans out there know, the famous spaghetti tacos are creative and delicious. To test out this “theory” we made spaghetti tacos for dinner today, and here’s our feedback  – “It was soooooooooooooo good that I got seconds, but I’m on a diet so I had to stop myself from eating more. It was good.” –JC. There was also salad, and it was pretty dope. Because, you know, I MADE THE DRESSING. Yeah, yeah.


Back to the can opener, today was a very productive day. We drew, wrote, and everything on paper! The first paper was orange, and we all drew a heart right in the middle. In the middle of the heart we wrote about what was in our heart. Positive things like: spontaneous, creative, strong, friends, and of course LOVE. On the outside, we wrote things that affected us that people thought about of us. Or you know media and the community. For girls examples are: to be skinny, long hair, quiet, and more woman like. On the boarder of our hearts, we had shields. The definition of shields in this situation being, what we used to get away from what was hurtful; things like eating a lot, not eating a lot, crying, and self-harm. Afterwards we ventured off into the back of the paper, where we did something like the heart but with us in the middle. We named people that we had in our lives that affected us positively and negatively; labeling them differently with different patterned lines. Squiggly, bold, dotted, name your line and you got it! Nevertheless, we all had fun talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships.


And what’s AGE UP without the Frisbee section? Only half the feelings a can opener can handle! To stay safe, we started out with warm ups. There was some serious sweating going on, but there also were some funny moments. The spider crawling, the slowmo karaoke style shuffling, you know~ Our leader for today, Shannon, taught us how to catch the Frisbee but also not have it for too long – how to move the disc quickly. I know what you’re thinking, HOW? Right? It’s simple, catch, and quickly throw it back. It was hardcore man, hardcore.

As one of participates today say, “Running, catching, breathing.” –Jena.

This has been Linda the 3rd year, with the help of Amy the 1st year reporting AGE UP the 7th session.
P.S. Theresa helped me take Frisbee photos, let’s hope her knee gets better everyone!

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