Self-Confidence vs Insecurity

January 18th’s first year session was all about self-confidence and insecurity. We started off the night with delicious ratatouille and cous cous, then we checked in, as per usual.

The first years grouped into their pre-assigned groups and, together, defined certain  words: confidence, insecurity, cocky, and self-image. Each group shared out their definitions and drawings.

We then gave specific examples of each word in our own lives. Confidence inducing performances, boys making us insecure, and cocky jerks.

After that, we watched a TED talk about body language by Amy Cuddy. Technical difficulties prevented us from finishing the video, but Lisa led us in some polls and conversations when the internet failed. The full video can be found here——for any who wish to see it. I highly recommend it—both informative and very interesting!

All in all, a both delicious and fascinating session.


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