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A great organization, The Women’s Funding Alliance, is hosting a fundraiser on AgeUP’s behalf. ‘Transforming Girl’s Future through Sports’ is trying to raise money for four programs and will match dollar for dollar up to $5,000, a potential for $10,000!!

“Women’s Funding Alliance is collaborating with four organizations–AGE UP, Girls on the Run of Puget Sound, Skate Like a Girl, and Somali Youth & Family Club–dedicated to building leadership through physical activity and sports. Each program offers a unique athletic opportunity ranging from running, skateboarding, soccer, to Ultimate Frisbee. Each program offers an innovative approach to inspiring self-esteem, leadership, and the confidence to make a difference.

By funding this collaborative effort you will expand the reach of these programs. Your investment ensures more girls have the opportunity to participate, reach their full potential, and change our world.”

Donate to support AGE UP, Girls on the Run, Skate Like a Girl, and Somali Youth and Family Club:

Thanks for all the support!!! Please help us by sharing this with your family and friends. We wouldn’t be here without you!



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