The Youth Board Goes “Nonprofit”

Welcome back, readers.  For clarification, the Youth Board consists of a group of returners responsible for AGE-UP’s long-term goals. This past Tuesday, the Youth Board got together to learn about “nonprofit” organizations. As we sat around the table eating sandwiches, Lynda arguably drew up the best agenda of all time.

photo 5

After, we played the Nonprofit game. For that activity, we divided into groups and played the role of various nonprofit organizations (Human Rights Association, API Chaya, Seattle Young People’s Project) attempting to win grants despite having drastically different budgets. We all learned that organizations with more money tend to earn more grant money.

We then transitioned to the room upstairs, where Rex, from Powerful Voices, educated us on the benefits and detriments of being a nonprofit organization. We learned about the significance of mission statements when it comes to getting grants. We dedicated the last hour of the meeting to writing mission statements.

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photo 4We ended the session with an unusual, but hilarious sharing of embarrassing stories.

All eyes on Tiffany.
All eyes on Tiffany.

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