Yo Yo Yo

December 21st

After having the delicious shepherd tamale for dinner made by our wonderful food group, we had an activity where we talked about socio economic status. The room was split into two sides, half was agree and the other was disagree.  We started off with easy simple questions like “Did you go to a private school?” or “do you like cookies?” everyone was sort of loud but after couple of questions we all settled down and that was when most of us started getting emotional noticing that not everyone around us has the same things or opportunities. Especially as we got into other questions like “Have you ever been evicted from your house?” or  “My family can afford medical insurance or medical appointments for me” or “I miss out on activities with friends because I can’t afford it”.  After the questions we had 30 seconds of conversation with each person next to us. Then we shared comments with the whole room. That was when we all felt empathy for each other, some cried, some hugged each other and some even clapped for the people sharing to let them know that we’re here for them.  Then, Lisa gave us papers to reflect about the things we were thankful for and the things we wished we could change. We huddled in a circle and took a nice deep breath to shake off the sadness around, we then had our regular checkout.  OFF TO RAINIER VISTA YAAAAY COACH LISA FOR SAVING THE DAY!!!!

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