Hi ! I’m Robyn ! This is my first time writing a blog .

Hi I’m Vanessa! This is also my first time writing a blog. Or co-writing a blog? Oh well. Robyn just left for a while to change for her basketball practice but I’ll recap the day we had from where she left off. A lady, Josephine, from Cathay Bank came in to talk to us after we did our usual check-in’s that consist of our names, preferred gender pronouns and what happened this week.

She was sweet and she had a lively smile. She presented a power point presentation called, “Planning Ahead and Saving Money – Basics to Banking.”

Each of the girls was given a handout to help follow along with the slides while the bank representative spoke to us.

OH, Robyn is back!


I’M BACK PEEPS! (Hana told me to say that, totally not me.) But I’ve been MIA for the past few- not few but a lot of Age ups ! Anyways today we talked about mula, money , “the greens” okay I lost other ways how to say money but you know what I mean. We talked about money management and how it could affect us if we don’t save money. As Vanessa talked about the Lady from the Cathay Bank there were two other ladies , named Paulette and Judy.We split in groups of 4 or 5 … we couldn’t have equal groups okay… And we helped this ‘imaginary’ or real who knows… student named Jasmine! Jasmine had abit of spending problems… so we had to help her. For example she spends 200 dollars at the mall each month! That’s crazy! So we had to cut her down on her money problem so she wouldn’t be in debt. Overall today taught us that be smart with your money! NEED VS. WANT. Put your money in banks!


 Okay, so any who I have to go now. The game of basketball is calling me! I hoped you liked my first blog post (and Vanessa). Byeee :)!


OH ! Almost forgot!AGE UP RETREAAT! YAAY! As you know winter sessions are ending and next week will be our last session … boo. But good news Age up retreat is gonna be awesome! Our top 2 choices are a 2-days of rock climbing on March 2-3 or camping-ish in Shannon’s cabins! ( Not technically hers but her parents…) but anyways both of them sound super fun and I hope I could go to them , hopefully basketball won’t interfere with that. Okay goodbye for now :)!IMG_1917

-Robyn and Vanessa

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