Let the Fun(draising) Begin!!!

Interested in supporting AGE UP as we enter our fourth year of friendship, fun, and frisbee?  AWESOME! Join us for our first annual AGE UP Family Feast, a community fundraiser and celebration bringing together all the beautiful people that are a part of the AGE UP extended family – the youth in our program, their families and mentors, our volunteers and presenters, Seattle’s Ultimate players, and our South End community.

Here’s how to get plugged in:

  1. Pull together a dream team of your friends that you want to raise with (and then eat with!) for our Family Feast. You can also join an existing team here.
  2. Register your team on our Family Feast event page! Be sure to pick an appropriately awesome picture for your team – we will be judging you on this.
  3. Set an overall  fundraising goal for your team. We suggest at least $100 per adult and $50 per youth on the team!
  4. Let the fun(draising) begin! Check out our tips below for getting donations.
  5. Come to the AGE UP Family Feast on June 8th and celebrate our success with delicious food cooked by the AGE UP food team!
This could be you.
This could be you.

Fundraising Tips and Tools!

Online fundraising:

Below is an email format you can use to ask your friends to support you. You can also link to your team fundraising page on facebook, twitter, or myspace (ha!) – just get the word out as much as you can!

Pro-tip: The more way that someone is asked to contribute, the more likely they are to do so.

Hi friend,

This month, I am excited to be supporting All Girl Everything Ultimate program in their Family Feast and Fundraiser. I am challenging myself to raise [$20] in [two weeks], and I would love to have your help to meet that goal. I am donating the first [$200].  

What’s AGE UP?

AGE UP is an after-school program based on Beacon Hill that bring girls together using  food, fun, and the sport of Ultimate frisbee! Each week, the girls in the program come together to make a healthy dinner, do a social justice workshop, and then play Ultimate together. AGE UP creates a strong sense of community for everyone involved, and gives the girls in the program countless opportunities for leadership development, skill building and out-of-control laughter.

What does AGE UP mean to me?

[this is the place where you get warm and fuzzy about why you love AGE UP!]

How will your support help AGE UP?

Your donation will allow AGE UP to continue offering this amazing free program to girls all over Seattle. This money will do directly to buying food, providing rides to and from the program and providing stipends to youth who are taking on major leadership roles in AGE UP. 

I am fundraising with a team of friends for AGE UP – check out our page and donate [here].  Thank you so much for your support! You are awesome!


The next great fundraising idea???
The next great fundraising idea???

Off-line fundraising:

You know how to get your friends excited about something! Play to your strengths to raise money. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host a small dinner, then spend a few minutes at the dinner explaining what AGE UP is and how your friends can give to your team
  • Get together with your team to throw a house party or host a concert or open mic, and charge a fee at the door that goes to AGE UP
  • Don’t be afraid to ask one-on-one! Take a friend or family-member out for coffee, and make a specific request about what you’d like them to give to your AGE UP team

Got questions? Do you have a really brilliant fundraising idea for AGE UP? Want someone to strategize about fundraising with? Email Jude at jude@allgirleverything.org, or give him a call at 206 718 2536.

No really. You’re the best ever.


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