First Returners Session of the year!

Hey guys!

This is Callie and Kennadi. This is our first time writing a blog post!!!! During our first session of the year we had lots of fun!

We had some guests from Laureus and Mercedes Benz come to our first session! We paired up with our guests and taught them some frisbee throws. We had a blast playing boot and king of the hill with our guests! They were really fun people and we LOVED playing some ultimate with them (:

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After getting sweaty and taking some selfies with our new friends, we had a bomb spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and lemonade! One of our guests was a gold medalist in the Olympics representing the Dominican Republic, Felix Sanchez. He told us about his life during the Olympics and his ups and downs. He is a really inspirational person and had a great personality! We asked and answered questions from our guests. They asked great questions that really made us think before they left to catch their flight!

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Another fantastic guest that we had was from YouthSpeaks Seattle. Her name was Shelby. We had lots of laughs with her but still did some deep thinking at the same time (: We played a fun game called Shabooya, free wrote, and played a game of exquisite corpse. Shelby helped us get our inner poet out with our free write which felt really chill and peaceful (:

We hope we satisfied your blog needs! Bye for now friends!!!!!!!!!!!

~Callie and Kennadi 😀

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