Immigration and Identity

Hello my name’s Marc and I’m Yu Wen. This is our second blog and we are going to tell you guys about how our AGE UP went today. We started off eating food that the girls AGE UP left and got Top Pot donuts from Sam TH. The boys had a special session taught by some of the girls from AGE UP who were Kendra, Michelle, Samantha, and Soriya.

photo 1
Some perspective on the world (there are pins and string for people’s immigration history – but you can’t see them…)

In the beginning we signed in by talking about our names, pro nouns, how we are doing and where our families immigrated or are from. First we started off the session by doing a fish bowl type game with how people agreed or disagreed to some statements that were said about immigration and THE history of our families. After the fish bowl game, we then played two truths and a lie. We got into 4 groups and then talked to our groups and tried to figure our what was their lie.

photo 2-1
Two truths and a lie.

The boys then talked about our identity and finding who we are from our culture and history. At the end of our session we signed out by talking about what our families history gave us. After our session we went down to the gym and played some FRIZZ with guest coaches Lani and Lindsey!

LOVE, Marc and Yu <333333333333

Photo on 1-24-14 at 7.08 PM
p.s. this is intersectionality


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