AGE UP goes to Seattle University

Everyone dries off after a soggy practice
Everyone says hi! Thank you Throwbots!!

Hey ya’ll! It’s Sam, Amanda, Rena and Amy from AGE UP.

Today we woke up early on this “BEAUTIFUL” Saturday morning and departed to Seattle University. We then met up at their field to kick off our day with some Ultimate. We warmed our selves up and scrimmaged with the SU gals. We closed up the Frisbee for the day with an exciting game of galaxy wars. The rain and wind failed to dampen our spirits although it did dampen our clothing.

Lani explains Galaxy Wars to the group
Lani explains Galaxy Wars to the group

During all that fun Rena and I, Amanda, got a weird telephathy sickness headache thing. It was horrible it went through like the back of our heads to the top and then through our jaws. It was weird. Through this pain, twinning was NOT winning.

We then warmed up inside, and exchanged spirit awards and took some pictures. We got the chance to ask the team questions. Afterwards we had lunch upstairs in the Student Center. We laughed a lot, and a had a good time. Everyone was to say one thing that was embarrassing in their childhood, man they were funny, I almost chocked on our delicious Vietnamese sandwiches.

After the stories we had two AMAZING WOMEN give us a tour. Victoria & Lesley. They gave us a tour and answered our questions and we learned a lot about the history of the school.

AGE UP discusses their strengths with a cool leaf activity
AGE UP discusses their strengths with a drawing activity


After the tour, we were kind of in a class. This class was more fun than others. We talked about Community Cultural Wealth which was a very informative class on college itself and Seattle U. I think everyone left the campus with new knowledge. We had a cool leaf project we did where they asked us a different questions for each different color leaf. When we finished they showed us a tree that showed us about Community Cultural Wealth.

We finished by making a letter/poemish kinda thing where one person out of four had a minute to answer two questions and then we read em together.

Okay. Bye y’all

Our leaves on the tree of community wealth!
Our leaves on the tree of community wealth!