Colonization and Decolonization with Dåko’ta

photo(1)Hey ya’ll!

Today at AGE UP, we had a delicious meal provided by our amazing returners. We had yummy Kapoon, which is Laotian food. Our alumni, Lynda, came up with this great recipe! In today’s AGE UP session, we had a workshop on Colonization and how that affects us today. This workshop was displayed by Dåko’ta, who you can search up on They (Dåko’ta) is a very detailed person with a whole different perspective on colonization.

As usual for every session, the first thing we always do is check-in. For check-in, we had to say our names, preferred gender pronouns, who our ancestors were, and something we are proud of due to what our ancestors either did or give us. There were many different responses who their ancestors were and why. It really is an interesting thing to think about though. Just thinking about how you got here, and how you got where you are in life.

We transitioned that check-in to what colonization means to us and what decolonization means. Dåko’ta had made a chart about how our actions and thoughts can affect people around us. It was a huge circle within other circles. Each circle represented a group of people where self was the center, family came after, community was next, and lastly, other communities.


Jhanelle and Rena