First AGE UP for guys blog post!

What’s up everyone! I’m guessing you have heard of AGE UP (which is an acronym for All Girl Everything Ultimate Program), which has been going on for a few years.  Just recently we gave it a little twist and made an AGE UP for guys – my name is Ray Santos and I am part of organizing the new program. We have been up and running for a few weeks and are very happy to be posting our first blog. Take a peak into how we run our new program and hopefully this might inspire you to make a change in your community!


Wassup it’s Paolo and Abdulgani and today we are here to talk about today’s AGE UP session. Today in class we had a guest speaker – Si Dåko’ta Alcantara-Camacho – who was a rapper who was very inspirational. They were able to connect us to our own roots/cultures and to those of others within the classroom.

Today our big issue was about colonization. We were able to get into depth about the different types of colonization. Because of Dåko’ta we were able to see how colonization continues to affect us today. For example, within our own communities. They showed us two rap videos which demonstrated a method to decolonization. It was not only strong but also inspiring. It really taught us how to connect back to our roots. Our true identity. Our culture, who we really are.


Dåko’ta affected us by speaking the truth. Their rap told us a story of their culture and life. About being native not only to America but to your own culture. They also taught us the strength in believing in our ancestors and being thankful for what they have done for us to be in this position. It was honestly the best session so far. Thank You AGE UP! We outro until next time, KEEP IT ONE HUNNED!!!!! Ubuntu

Watch Dåko’ta’s music video below and check out their website at:


One thought on “First AGE UP for guys blog post!

  • Vanessa Abenojar

    Hi guys 🙂 I miss you. Did you know that the guys in the music video are my friends in Guam now? Just saying!
    And I miss AGEUP!!!!

    Lots of love from this island 🙂



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