AGE UP Summer Camp 2014!!! Yaaaaasssssss.

Hey y’all, what’s up!! It’s the AGE UP media team here to talk about our first week at AGE UP Summer Camp 2014!!! Here’s some super gorgeous pictures of us:

KhaThy, Thea and Kayla keepin it real.
Zoe in her natural sloth habitat.

Monday was our first day so we got to know each other through some really fun games and activities in the morning. After lunch we walked over to the Boys and Girls club to meet up with D’Arcy to start our afternoon with some Ultimate. D’Arcy taught us how to improve on our cuts and learn how to be a better dump for our handlers.


Tuesday morning, we had Shelby and Deqa from Youth Speaks come to talk to us about writing letters and poems that we would never send out to get our emotions and feelings out about that person or thing without actually sending them. In the afternoon we had Sam come and taught us about playing Ultimate with a situation during the game and learning how to communicate with our teammates to score points fast.

On Wednesday morning, Caitlin came in and talked about self expression through clothing. She talked about how we could express ourselves through the clothes we wear and how others might think of us when we are wearing the clothes that makes us who we are. Our very own Eva came in and coached us on Wednesday afternoon. We played games and scrimmaged with situations just like we did with Sam on Tuesday to help us communicate with our teammates even more.

AGE UP lets their inner beauty shine.
we so fancy.

Thursday morning, Jude and Jenny talked to us about Economic Class and Statuses. We ranked some items from a note-card to show that it’s complicate that things such as tractors and farm equipments are associated with people who are in the lower classes and old books and college/high school diplomas are classified in the upper and middle class. After lunch, we split up into groups: facilitation, coaching, and media (WHICH IS THE BEST GROUP NO ARGUMENT). Then at practice we had Butters and Dom come in and taught us about learning to fake and what our cutters should do when someone fakes a throw.

Coaching team takes coaching VERY SERIOUSLY. Also mango smoothies.

Sent from The Bananas Grill…SLOTHEZZZZ

– KhaThy, THEa, kay1a, Zoe the Great (with moral support from Queen Z and the Judester)

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