Alfredo, Intersectionality and leadership team shenanigans


Another successful Age Up session today! Jude Watson (J J J JUDEEEEEE) came in the Jefferson building to explain more on the topic of racism and sexism feeding off the topic from last week’s session. We heard many different opinions on the topics from everyone. We all talked about different diversities in our communities and schools. From today we learned that Seattle has one of the largest populations of Caucasian in a metropolitan city thanks to Kido. We also learned that not many schools recognize the topic of racism and sexism in groups or clubs. We also had a great eat today thanks to Lynda and Gabby!!! Our meal contained Alfredo pasta with a side of yummy chicken and mushrooms. After our great educational session with the amazing Jude, we went to the gym to focus a lot on footwork – one of the many skills in becoming great ultimate Frisbee players. Our leadership team is a great group of people who really know how to turn up and get all of us girls pumped!

– Ashleen and Bonnie

(Here are some behind the scenes photos of the AGE UP leadership team!)

Soriya on a tiny pink tri-cycle
Kendra making a block gate for tot gym









Sam having a hard time with numbers (plz note 5,7,8)

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