Good News!

We won the $5000 Neighbor to Neighbor grant! Yay!

AGE UP wins Good grant

Hey everybody, guess what?!? WE WON THE GOOD GRANT! Thanks to everyone who voted or shared our video link. Y’all made this possible; thank you so much for your support!

Kimball Clinic #2 and 2nd Year Meeting With Judy

Sorry for the wait, readers. Spring fever!

The most recent Kimball clinic ran wonderfully. We warmed up with partner throwing and dove straight into technical drills. The players, as talented as they were, had tons of fun practicing their marks and dishy throws, which were (hopefully) advanced enough to teach them something they didn’t already know. Instead of staying for just an hour, we were able to stay for two hours to introduce cutting and to play a massive amount of mini ultimate!

Last Friday, the second years met with Judy, from Neighbor to Neighbor of The Seattle Foundation. She joined us for dinner while we explained AGE-UP’s purpose and significance. If we played our cards right, we could possibly receive a grant!

After Judy left, we wrote phrases down and played charades! Word to the wise: never play with Hana. “Hot tub time machine”: impossible to act out.

AGE-UP Kicks Off Spring Clinics With Kimball Elementary

Hello! It’s Sophie the 2nd year, it’s been so long! It was a beautiful day for AGE UP’s first clinic at Kimball Elementary. Our clinic began in the Kimball gym and comprised of seventeen students from Kimball (yet, only one girl!). We began the session with introductions and a warm up of ‘Sharks and Minnows’. After we were all warmed up, Amanda and Tiffany demonstrated how to throw forehands and backhands and engaged the children in partner throwing. Twenty minutes later, we went outside and set up a go-to dog drill, which allowed the students to learn to attack a disc with the pressure of another player. After, we switched to the away dog drill, which allowed the students to practice reading the disc. There were so many sick catches. At this rate, these kids will be better than me!

courtesy of the Kimball website

 After the dog drills, we quickly explained the rules of ‘Boot’ and the kids picked it up right away. The students at Kimball were very eager to play, which made them very enthusiastic throughout the afternoon. By 4:30, the parents were starting to arrive, signaling our end. We handed out the evaluations and gave yellow, lemon scented smiley face stickers in return to the evaluations. It was a great day first clinic filled with enthusiastic children, which is always a relief. Until next time! Adios!
(Unfortunately, due to difficulty with photo releases, there weren’t any photos this time around. Sorry!)