Girls/ Girl-identified First Year Program

Girls in their first year with AGE UP met weekly from for three-hour sessions that combine leadership workshops with Ultimate Frisbee practices. Each session started with a nutritious, freshly-cooked dinner, followed by a workshop on a topic related to social justice, leadership, or life skills. Topics covered in workshops have included healthy friendships/relationships, understanding race and class, overcoming fear, and developing positive body image. The second half of each session was an Ultimate Frisbee practice coached by top level Ultimate players from local women’s teams like Riot, Underground, and Element. the First-Year sessions close with an overnight retreat, where we celebrate our accomplishments.

Boys/Boy-identified First Year Program

We began offering a boys program in 2013 in order to engage young men in the work of undoing sexism. The First Year Boys’ Program runs similarly to the girls’, with sessions that combine workshops and Frisbee practice coached by local top level Ultimate players. The program asks young men to explore themes such as masculinity and sexism, racism, classism, relationships, and more.

Returners Program

Youth who have completed a year with AGE UP can take part in our Returners program, which builds on the first year and offers even more leadership opportunities, including the chance to help run aspects of the program for first years. AGE UP’s Returners choose what part of the program they want to specialize in by joining a leadership group. These groups can include things like facilitating the first year program, planning a fundraiser, doing extensive outreach in the community, and running our blog. These skills are immediately relevant because our participants learn them while helping run a program they love. However, they are also usable far beyond AGE UP, and will strengthen our young peoples’ resumes as they apply for college and for work.