A Trip to Bellingham

Ah! Frisbee at last. It’s Sophie again! After being snowed in for the last two AGE UP sessions, we were able to stretch our legs and play some Ultimate (although some members played Ultimate in the snow during the break). We boarded the bus at Jefferson at 7:45am, a nice and early start to our day. Of course with all of the scheduling and head counts, we didn’t depart until around 8. Next, we had to pick up the north-enders at the Park & Ride under I-5. Finally, with our bus packed with girls, we departed for our two hour Road trip up north, to Bellingham. Many teammates decided to gain some shut eye, myself included, before playing against the Western Washington Women’s team.

Alright, this was on the way back. But our freshmen media members are mighty cute, yeah?

When we arrived in Bellingham we were welcomed by chilling wind and cold temperatures, brrr! We walked into the AMAZING sports center to begin our tour of the campus. The University’s indoor sports center had everything imaginable including a bouldering/rock climbing wall (pretty cool right?). Our tour guides were students from WWU and they were very informative (THANK YOU!). The campus is actually part of the outdoor sculpture collection. The only requirements were that they had to be interactive with the students, faculty and general public.

Our guide called it "The Steps to Nowhere".

After continuing through the campus, we met with the admissions counselors in one of the lecture halls. We learned all about the admission process at Western (all the secrets on how to get in) and we got to look at the Western applications.

Colleen looks a bit too excited.

Finally it was lunch time, practically my favorite part of the day! We were given meal tickets to the all-you-can-eat buffet which was absolutely delicious! They had pizza and pasta, things for salads, and of course Tater Tots, everyone’s favorite. We ended lunch finishing the meal with a swirl of chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream. Then it was time for Ultimate!

Sadly, we didn't take any photos of the food, so Amanda drew them to the best of her ability.

We back to the turf field over by the sports center. It was still quite chilly outside, but the wind had died down a bit. We met with the Women’s ultimate team and ran a few drills. We started out with a break-mark drill that would’ve had been easier if it weren’t for the wind. Our next drill was introduced to us by the Women’s ultimate team. The disc awareness drill involved a lot of pointing and shouting and ended up in hysterical laughter. We ended our group session with a tournament of mini games. As our day came to an end, we thanked our hosts one last time and had a fantastic time playing with their team.

A Chaos player, marked by Hallie, throws a forehand to a speeding Anisah.

Our drive home provided some more time for sleepy players and once again thank you WWU for letting us visit!!!




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