At Last: The WWU Field Trip Photos!

Sorry for the wait. I was studying for my biology test, which I think I passed with flying colors! Yay!  Also thanks to our first year, Michelle, we also got some great inside photos! Enjoy!

AGE-UP with WWU Chaos Ultimate
We lined up by height in order to divide into teams. The shorties in front are looking mighty tall here.

AGE-UP women communicating during the awareness drill.
Michelle running to Jhanelle for a high five as she completes the awareness drill.
Our tour guides direct our attention to the sculpture as they speak of its significance. There's a myth saying that there used to be a swing hanging from the sculpture. It was taken down when a football player fell off of it and got injured. A bit funny? Yes...
Our presenters, Natalie and Janis give us the scoop on the average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores for incoming freshmen at WWU.
Janice, going over the fates of our applicants.
Soriya, analyzing her applicant's worthiness.
Hallie, Guadalupe, and Izet discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their applicant.
Tiffany and Elena get a bit "sleepy" on the way back to Seattle.
I didn't know which team photo to use.


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