Second Years Get Personal

Hello, hello, readers. It’s Amanda, again. This week, the Top Chef group (with the addition of yours truly), graced us with homemade, whole-wheat pizzas! We’re not talking Hawaiian, pepperoni, or Canadian bacon, either. There were a total of five pizzas topped with ingredients ranging from broccoli, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives, to squash and onions (I think that one went the fastest..).

While finishing dinner, we discussed racism in society. This led to the discussion of the presence of racial stereotypes in movies such as Transformers 2. We also learned that race was impossible to distinguish within genetics. With that, we conversed the significance of race in society despite there being no genetic differences. Leah did a great job explaining that using our (my) favorite thing… food.

Using various fruits, veggies, and a jar of mustard as the perfect examples, Leah challenged Susan to divide the food into groups. Without blinking, Susan divided the food into colors. From that, we learned that although race is genetically irrelevant, the way we are perceived may be based on our race (specifically stereotypes). Therefore, despite being able to control the way we see ourselves, we might not always be able to control how society views us.

After, we engaged in an activity where a statement was read aloud and we stood in a part of the room based on whether we agreed, disagreed or were unsure of our situations regarding said statement. Among the statements were:
“People like me are often portrayed in the media”.
“I grew up speaking the same language I speak at school”.
“I feel like people listen to what I say”.
“I have never had to doubt my sexual identity”.
Between each round, those brave enough explained why they stood where they did. Explanations were met with respect and understanding.
Following the activity, we circled up and expressed our feelings regarding the last hour. Both second years and facilitators alike concluded with¬†excruciatingly honest reflections that resulted in a few minutes of silence after.¬†[To be honest, I almost cried.. but that’ll be our little secret.] We concluded the session with hugs and other forms of AGE-UP love.

On the brighter side, the fruits and veggies used in Leah’s demonstration were claimed and promptly eaten. Hopefully.

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  • Melina

    Girls, this is fantastic. First of all, excellent writing, clean writing, beautiful ratio of text to photos.

    But more importantly….these are such brave and important issues you’re discussing. I am proud and inspired by you.

    Much love,


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