Fried Rice and Self Awareness

Hello world! It’s Sophie again. So on Friday we started our session with a wonderful fried rice with soy beans, eggs and other tasty stuff. It was delicious! Thank you, cooking team. Great job as always. Our guest speaker was unfortunately delayed in traffic so our discussion started later than planned. But! Our wonderful guest finally arrived.

Lulu began the discussion with a table that compared men and women and the words they are associated with whether they are sexually active or not. The different words reflected how sometimes one gender is more socially accepted to be sexually active than the other. This exercise also made us realize how easily we were able to judge and stereotype based on their sexual activity.

Our second activity was angled towards self awareness. Lulu started by handing out two post-it notes, pink and green. On the pink post-it note, we were to write things about our body or self that someone had negatively said. On the green post-its we wrote things that we admired about ourselves. Lulu stuck the pink post-its on a poster when finally everyone had their post-it up. Then, Lulu took the green post- it notes and covered the negative notes. Finally, the negative pink notes were covered up by the positive green notes. The exercise was to stress that even though we might negative ideas about our self we had to remember the positive things.

We wrapped up our session with questions but since we were tight on time, we skipped the debrief. Thank you so much Lulu!! We had a great time even though it was cut short. After Lulu left we all bused to Rainier Vista. The gym was much more spacious and allowed two ultimate games and two games of mini. So much ultimate! And more ultimate in the next blog! Ciao!

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