Kimball Clinic #2 and 2nd Year Meeting With Judy

Sorry for the wait, readers. Spring fever!

The most recent Kimball clinic ran wonderfully. We warmed up with partner throwing and dove straight into technical drills. The players, as talented as they were, had tons of fun practicing their marks and dishy throws, which were (hopefully) advanced enough to teach them something they didn’t already know. Instead of staying for just an hour, we were able to stay for two hours to introduce cutting and to play a massive amount of mini ultimate!

Last Friday, the second years met with Judy, from Neighbor to Neighbor of The Seattle Foundation. She joined us for dinner while we explained AGE-UP’s purpose and significance. If we played our cards right, we could possibly receive a grant!

After Judy left, we wrote phrases down and played charades! Word to the wise: never play with Hana. “Hot tub time machine”: impossible to act out.

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