Greetings human beings, today as returners we came together to define gender pronouns.

Our facilitators, Hana K and Jude W started the discussion off with a funny, yet educational interview skit. For example, a few of the questions asked were – “What are the different gender pronouns?” and “How are the gender pronouns different in different languages?” The answers, provided by Hana, were humorous and realistic.

Here are some photos of Gender Stereotypes we created:

Afterwards, we escaped the spacious gym to a crowded room where we watched a portion of a youtube video, by the Peculiar Kind, on opinions of gender roles. Then, we wore our hearts on our sleeves as we shared our gender stories.

With an hour left, we divided into our work groups. The unbiased media group accomplished the most.

Linda, Amanda, and personal support from Lani

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