Talkin’ shizzzz?!

*Sorry folks we are bit behind, this post is from last Friday! Enjoy!*

This week we focused on the importance of the things that people say about one another. Whether it’s on a social media website, behind their backs, or in front of their faces. A lot of things that the first years didn’t like were backstabbing, talking sh*t, and etc.

Lisa did a demonstration on the talkin’ shiz paste. One of the first years squeezed a line of paste out and another girl tried to put the paste back in the tube. We learned that no matter how hard we try, all of the paste would not be able to put back in. Similar to what we say. We can’t take back what comes out of our mouth! Soriya also did a step in and step out activity so we can relate with each other.

We decided to have a little fun with this activity. We are… RAPPING and we did skits also!!! Yo yo yo!

*Pictures coming soon*

We headed to the gym to have a little action! Loooosen up a bit! It was so fun seeing the first years sky one another while playing boot! We ended with a survey and cheered out!

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  • Gwen

    Just for the record, the game everyone played at the end of last Friday’s gym session was Bangarang, an amazing game invented by Shannon O’Malley. Just wanted to set the record straight… 🙂


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