January 3rd

Burrrrrr! The first years and the other years came out for a scrimmage today while the sun was still out. Shortly after we headed to Pho Rainier for a soup feast!!! It was amazing how we all just ate, chatted, and took a very uh-maz-ing down the table photo with NO ONE cut off! Here it is…

After we finished our soups half of us headed out to ROOTS Young Adult Homeless Shelter and half of us headed to Queer Youth Space. The ambiance of ROOTS already felt homey when we walked in. There were these amazing maps on the walls, some with people’s life adventures. We were introduced to Leah and we talked about reasons why someone might need a shelter. We came up with family being unsupportive, jobless, working minimum wage and how it’s not enough to have a stable apartment/home. Then we got to work!!!!!

After we were all done with our tasks we had a little fuuuuuun…


We had so much fun together making sandwiches, finding mats, putting bins together, organizing hygiene stuff, and definitely modeling sweater skirts!

We checked out with our New Year resolutions and how we were feeling. We ended our day freezing our butts off walking to the van in the rain! What a funtastic breakventure!





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