February 8th

Hey y’all! AGEUP here! Tonight consisted of a guest speaker, Vijou from the Northwest Network for LGBT Survivors of Abuse (http://nwnetwork.org/), who showed us a few clips from Glee—it’s a pretty cool show. This was the beginning of part two of last weeks session on healthy relationship skills. After the video was played, 15 little slips of paper were passed out that had questions. Then each person partnered up with the person next to them and answered the question(s). Later we shared some of our thoughts as a big group. Some serious questions were asked and it’s great to talk about them with a group of girls who are willing to share their thoughts.


Meanwhile as some arrived, others sat down and enjoyed some freaking delicious food. Plenty of the girls went for seconds—I obviously went for seconds. I mean who wouldn’t? That salad and tortellini were as delicious as tiramisu from Tuta Bella. Y’all know you’d like to try some of our food prepared from our AGEUP staff.

IMG_3580_zps5982e980But guess what? WE HAD ANOTHER GUEST. Their name is Julz “Lolo” Ignacio. Aside from a yummy dinner there was an artist in the room.  Julz sang an original song called “Sista Souldier.”  They were amazing, y’all! Like real talk, y’all should check out her YouTube account; Lolob0i.



Around 6:30 all the AGEUP girls headed to Rainier Vista to play some Ultimate Frisbee. It seems like the girls are having plenty of fun.  So let me stop typing and play with these awesome chicas. Adios!


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