Power, privilege and Yoga…..


Hey its Sam and today at age up we started our session off by becoming one with our bodies and becoming aware of our breath with a calming yoga session from Katelyn. We all had wonderful downward dogs! Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious dinner made by our cooks: Jude, Ramon, Amy, Alex and Sam. They brewed up some magnificent chilli and baked cornbread with a side of avocados. Once all served we checked in with the question, If you could construct your very own theme park, what would it be like, what would you do? I must say we have some very creative people among us!


After cleaning up we had old Amanda guest host an economy workshop using volunteers and chairs. 70% of the chairs going to Samiya who represented the wealthy and 30% to another nine people who had to share three chairs! How terrible! Following it up, we had an agree disagree activity hosted not only by Amanda but Soriya as well! In this activity we grew closer as a group and as a family. Next we took time to reflect on our yoga and other activities. We then dispersed choosing to help out plan for boys ageup on Friday, a special project with Soriya or zumba downstairs! Finally we closed up with the handing out of SU field trip permission slips and sending a clap all the way around our little circle.

See you next session have a great holiday season and may the sloths be with you!



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