Public Speaking with Jhanelle and Gabby

People - we are now called ALL EVERYBODY DOES ZUMBA ALL DAY hollaaaaa
People – we are now called ALL EVERYBODY ZUMBA ALL DAY. Take note.

Hi, our names are Rose and Lizzy. This is our first blog post!

Today’s session was led by Jhanelle and Gabriella. During the check-in, they introduced public speaking by asking us what our worst public speaking scenario was. Mine (Lizzy’s) was during finals week when I had to present a debate with my partner in front of the entire English class. The boy that I had to present it with didn’t let me speak and hogged the spotlight. He snatched my work out of my hand–including all the main points to our debate. As a natural reflex, I yelled at him in front of the entire class. Surprisingly, the teacher applauded for me, because he was proud that I stood up for myself!

The guys team top chef join the check out circle
The guys team top chef join the check out circle

During the check-in we ate yummy vegetarian pizza and pasta made by the boys. It was delicioso. After check-in we prepared for our public speaking skits that Jhanelle and Gabby gave to us. Everyone did a good job during their skits, even though they were caught off guard by a surprise change in their assignment. Elyzha blew everyone away with her spirited debating skills.

After the skits, as a group we discussed what we liked and what we observed. Then, we watched an educational cartoon video on public speaking tips. We learned to always remember to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! And that you are never alone, when it comes to being nervous to speak publicly, 70% of people in this world are also going through the same thing (:



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