This is our third blog and Cyril is here to talk about what we did in today’s session. Today we had a session about relationships and dating. In this session we had a special guest, Shannon, from Northwest Network, who helped talk about some healthy and unhealthy relationships. We started off the session with a game called Agree or Disagree, in which we stated our opinions on several statements that Shannon gave us.  Following this, we watched a clip from the popular television show Jersey Shore, in which a couple with an unhealthy relationship is fighting amongst each other. What we saw in this was that the relationship between a couple has to be equal in order to be healthy, with neither being more powerful than the other. Finally, we made mini posters, in which we combined the words “love+” with a word that we thought was meaningful to the concept of love. Big shoutouts to Shannon for coming in and helping us out today!

Photo on 1-31-14 at 7.25 PM #4

Because our resident blog writer Yu Wen, “Big U,” could not be reached for comment, we now have Morgan to talk about the Frisbee section of tonight’s session. First off, following our warm ups and plyos, we started a drill involving handler movement and cutting, which got everybody warmed up and ready. Next, we started to play a modified version of the fun drill known as “dog”, in which two players compete for a disc thrown deep. After a couple different progressions of this drill, moving to multiple cuts, we started to play a fun game called Frisbee basketball, which got very competitive as the night went on.


All in all, it was a very fun session tonight. This is Morgan, Cyril, and somewhat Yu Wen signing off. Ubuntu!

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