Welcome to your 2014 Spring-Summer Intern Team. whoop whoop

Hey ya’ll! This is E-Money and J-Money talking to you all about AGE-UP.

We were both first years at some point and progressed ourselves towards being interns at AGE-UP. Through the years, many people ask what AGE-UP is and what’s so great about it. Well, AGE-UP is a program which social justice is brought to our attention.

jhanelleandedmelWe learn and facilitate many different workshops based on the different forms of social justice. That being said, AGE-UP brings awareness to our lives about what is going on with society. Not only does AGE-UP focuses on social justice, but also Ultimate Frisbee. There are so many reasons to why we are still a part of AGE-UP!!!

First of all, AGE-UP is run by awesome people! They take their time and effort to make this program happen. AGE-UP participants come from all over Seattle with different backgrounds and experiences. A great thing about AGE-UP is that part of the session goes to playing Ultimate Frisbee (which everyone loves!). During workshops, everyone has something to say that is relatable to others in the program. Often times that creates a strong connection. We all eat, laugh and cry together. AGE-UP has changed many of the girls’ lives, including ours. We both were shy coming into the program and we were not that sociable. But coming to the AGE-UP sessions changed that. We both became more open and confident with ourselves. We formed connections with girls from different schools. We became a family.


Love ya cuddies!

-E-money x J-money



We love AGEUP! AGEUP is all the amazing things that “E-money” and “J-money” explained above and more! But to us it is more than just a program filled with awesome people and experiences, it is a family! Together we have faced and discussed societal problems, learned and taught how to play Ultimate Frisbee, and ate tasty tasty food.

Since AGEUP is such a family, after years in the program, we decided to come back as interns to help the program grow and give new girls the same experiences we had. We hope to make this summer first year program the best it can be by leading engaging activities and captivating conversations (hopefully with tears or laughter or both). We can’t wait for our family to grow as we share our love for Frisbee and share our beliefs.


Frandawg (TIPS intern) and Squeaks


Hey y’all, it’s Guppy (Gabby) and Queen Z (Izet) here with more on WHY AGE UP is the coolest organization on the planet!

 gabby and izetAs third years in the program, we’ve grown with AGE UP through all the experiences and events that make AGE UP unique to our everyday lives. We’ve bonded over intense, passionate discussions about issues and things that matter to us and have learned how to respond more openly, honestly, and respectfully to our surroundings. Thanks to AGE UP, we were both able to polish our leadership skills through facilitating workshops and reaching out to people outside of the program with our newfound knowledge. Also, thanks to AGE UP, we were able to meet and bond with new, amazing people who share valuable pieces of themselves with us through reflection and dialogue. AGE UP is a safe place for us to be ourselves and to discover who we are and to plan out who we want to be and what we want to see in the future. AGE UP allows us both the space and resources to grow as individuals and thanks to AGE UP, we are able to speak with confidence and assurance to back our ideals and beliefs. In AGE UP, passion matters and thanks to AGE UP, we both are no longer afraid to show it.

Kitties, puppies, and red-tail foxes,

Guppy and Queen Z

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