First Session Blog Post!

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Yo, this is KhaThy and Olivia from the super awesome fall AGE UP session.  We just had our first AGE UP session for first years, and it was amazing!!!  Washington Bus sent a representative to lead the workshop and inform us on politics and voting.  We learned about how youths can affect politics and issues we care about even though we’re underage.  Even though most people can vote in the United States, a lot of them aren’t really recognized or heard.  Sonny informed us about plans to vote to keep and improve the metro bus system.  They also told us about gun control initiatives on the upcoming ballot.


After the session with Sonny, the crew went down to the basketball court to play some Frisbee basketball. Wish we could say that it was fun playing it but we’re here writing what you are reading now – you’re welcome!

We also learned about an upcoming tournament called Bear Ninja Cowgirl.  It is a hat tourney open to girls happening on October 10th.  We invite you to join us; it will be tons of fun!

It was a lot of fun to reconnect with friends from the summer camp and meet and welcome some new people to the program. Food was great; thank you!  Shout out to Domino’s for the all the pizza that we couldn’t finish tonight. We are looking forward to more exciting AGE UP sessions to come!

We out!

-KhaThy and Olivia


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