Week Two = Privilege

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Hello beautiful friends!!

Tonight was the second session for our first years. Caitlin Cordell (Brady) from the AGEUP leadership team led a workshop on privilege. After a delicious dinner of fried chicken and fried rice we were divided into five groups.

On a poster we wrote our definition of privilege. On the back of the posters we made pyramids. On the top we listed who we thought had the most privilege and the people who we thought had the least privilege at the bottom. After sharing our posters with the whole group Caitlin taught us that there’s no hierarchy of privilege.

We later told a partner of a time when we felt like we were in the minority, when we felt like we had less privilege. We checked out with what we learned and headed to the gym to play some ultimate. Caitlin facilitated and coached!! She’s just too fabulous for us, but we’re all fabulous so it’s all goooooood.

Love, Samantha

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