Smack Talk is Whack

Today, we learned about back-stabbing and smack talking from our awesome returner Edmel. For example, we split into groups and created a skit, poem, or rap based on the topic that was given to us.


To demonstrate, Katie was asked to squeezed toothpaste, or Talkin’Smack Paste  from a tube and then she had to put all the toothpaste she squeezed back into the tube. Of course she couldn’t put all of it back! What does this mean? This activity symbolized that you should be careful of what you say, because you can’t take back what you say. As a result from these activities, we learned that once you talk smack you can never take it back, your words will always live in their mind. Lastly, we got to play some frisbee with Amanda Kostic as our guest Coach.


Signing out, Michael and Xuan! 🙂


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