Happy Holidays & Thanks Five Ultimate!

NkQQp61418886050 Happy Holidays from AGE UP! If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, we highly recommend a snazzy new AGE UP disc like the one above. Don’t have the time to track down one of your lovely AGE UP homies to sell you one? Well, that’s okay the awesome people at Five Ultimate sell them on their website! Click the disc below to get there! While you’re there make sure you check out ALL their awesome stuff for your frisbee loving friends.


Speaking of the wonderful people at 5 Ultimate. We’d like to take a couple moments to thank them for all of the great things they’ve done for us. Not only do they sell our discs on their website, but they also help us provide awesome quality gear for our participants. Over the years they’ve donated literal boxes of gear to AGE UP for us to give out at the many tournaments we run. Basically, Five is awesome and we appreciate them immensely and you should buy everything they have to sell. You can find out more about them and/or find some awesome ultimate apparel at http://fiveultimate.com/.


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