Socioeconomics, Ultimate, & FUN.

Bonjour, my fellow AGEUPers. It’s Abby! For those of you who weren’t there last Friday, you’re probably wondering what happened during our session right? Right. So, here’s the scoop:

As the aroma of the food filled the building, all the first and second years filled into one room while the coaches stayed in the other. The table was filled with three pans of lasagna (two meat and one vegetarian), broccoli, and apple juice. We can’t deny that it tasted great!

Tiffany, Claire, and I smile as the cooking team surprise us with sweets for our b-days!

Oh yeah, the amazing cooking team surprised Tiffany, Claire, and I with some yummy cookies with vanilla ice cream on top to celebrate our birthdays. It was so delic, you guys are the best. Thanks!

When our stomachs were satisfied, Lani and Soriya began the session. We started off with reminding ourselves with our community agreement then moved on to the topic of the week. Socioeconomics.

Through activities, they talked about what is was and how it affects us in our community. The first one was where we all had a piece of bright green paper and marker.

Both Lani and Soriya alternated turns saying a statement and we would either add or minus a point. Some of the statements were:

  • “I grew up with a nanny.” Minus a point.
  • “A family members has recently been laid off.” Add a point.
  • “I have a family member that’s a doctor, lawyer, or other professional.” Minus a point.
  • “I live in a single parent house hold.” Add a point.

We then added our total score with the points that applied to us and wrote it on a sticky note. While our awesome facilitators gathered our post-it notes and arranged them from the lowest number to the highest, we all found a partner as we waited.

When we looked at the spectrum, we saw a variation. We talked amongst ourselves by making observations on how this number line made us feel. Some of us said:

  • “It made me feel like when we added a point, it was bad and when we minus a point, it was a benefit.”


  • “There was a cluster in the middle and I think of the middle class, as for when you move left it’s people who are more fortunate.”

Afterwards, we were passed another half sheet of paper to write a statement pertaining to socioeconomics with sentence starters of “I am thankful for…” or “I wish…” All of us read each others and it got pretty emotional to the point where we all wanted to cry.

Our one word check out was our last activity and words like “Blessed”, “Emotional”, “Thankful” filled the room.

The last thing we did was hug each other. What better way could we end the session? Then, it was time to have more fun and play ULTIMATE.

Thank God we don’t have to run to Mercer anymore. We ran, stretched, did the dishy drill, then broke up into 3 groups. Two groups played “Shtick” while the others did jumping exercises outside. At the end we played one huge game all together and ended the day with a one word check out before we cheered one loud “ALL GIRL EVERYTHING”.

Second Years Get Recappin’ (And Other Stuff)

Hello, hello, readers. Hope you all enjoyed your day. I sure did. The AGE-UP page on facebook got 18 more likes! Good job, media group and others!

Anyway, this past Tuesday, we sat around a triangular array of tables and had chili for dinner. We then explained the racism workshop for those who were unable to attend. After everyone was on the same page, we discussed the significance of the workshop and concluded that despite our differences in race and social upbringing, we all had tons in common.

With the recap out of the way, we proceeded with the mid-program check-in. To start, we each shared a positive aspect of the program, added something we felt should be changed, and gave ideas for what AGE-UP should do next. We kind of got too excited with the last one…

For the last hour, we broke into our respective job groups and did work!

Sorry. There weren’t any pictures of this session. So here are some fun facts:

  • Lisa gave me the responsibility of stirring the chili, but I forgot to, so it burned…
  • “Sam’s hair” = “Sam’s here”
  • I am banned from the flip cam.
  • In case of talent shows, I think talking about my day would be a great idea.
  • We got our AGE-UP sweat pants!

At Last: The WWU Field Trip Photos!

Sorry for the wait. I was studying for my biology test, which I think I passed with flying colors! Yay!  Also thanks to our first year, Michelle, we also got some great inside photos! Enjoy!

AGE-UP with WWU Chaos Ultimate

We lined up by height in order to divide into teams. The shorties in front are looking mighty tall here.

AGE-UP women communicating during the awareness drill.

Michelle running to Jhanelle for a high five as she completes the awareness drill.

Our tour guides direct our attention to the sculpture as they speak of its significance. There's a myth saying that there used to be a swing hanging from the sculpture. It was taken down when a football player fell off of it and got injured. A bit funny? Yes...

Our presenters, Natalie and Janis give us the scoop on the average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores for incoming freshmen at WWU.

Janice, going over the fates of our applicants.

Soriya, analyzing her applicant's worthiness.

Hallie, Guadalupe, and Izet discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their applicant.

Tiffany and Elena get a bit "sleepy" on the way back to Seattle.

I didn't know which team photo to use.


A Trip to Bellingham

Ah! Frisbee at last. It’s Sophie again! After being snowed in for the last two AGE UP sessions, we were able to stretch our legs and play some Ultimate (although some members played Ultimate in the snow during the break). We boarded the bus at Jefferson at 7:45am, a nice and early start to our day. Of course with all of the scheduling and head counts, we didn’t depart until around 8. Next, we had to pick up the north-enders at the Park & Ride under I-5. Finally, with our bus packed with girls, we departed for our two hour Road trip up north, to Bellingham. Many teammates decided to gain some shut eye, myself included, before playing against the Western Washington Women’s team.

Alright, this was on the way back. But our freshmen media members are mighty cute, yeah?

When we arrived in Bellingham we were welcomed by chilling wind and cold temperatures, brrr! We walked into the AMAZING sports center to begin our tour of the campus. The University’s indoor sports center had everything imaginable including a bouldering/rock climbing wall (pretty cool right?). Our tour guides were students from WWU and they were very informative (THANK YOU!). The campus is actually part of the outdoor sculpture collection. The only requirements were that they had to be interactive with the students, faculty and general public.

Our guide called it "The Steps to Nowhere".

After continuing through the campus, we met with the admissions counselors in one of the lecture halls. We learned all about the admission process at Western (all the secrets on how to get in) and we got to look at the Western applications.

Colleen looks a bit too excited.

Finally it was lunch time, practically my favorite part of the day! We were given meal tickets to the all-you-can-eat buffet which was absolutely delicious! They had pizza and pasta, things for salads, and of course Tater Tots, everyone’s favorite. We ended lunch finishing the meal with a swirl of chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream. Then it was time for Ultimate!

Sadly, we didn't take any photos of the food, so Amanda drew them to the best of her ability.

We back to the turf field over by the sports center. It was still quite chilly outside, but the wind had died down a bit. We met with the Women’s ultimate team and ran a few drills. We started out with a break-mark drill that would’ve had been easier if it weren’t for the wind. Our next drill was introduced to us by the Women’s ultimate team. The disc awareness drill involved a lot of pointing and shouting and ended up in hysterical laughter. We ended our group session with a tournament of mini games. As our day came to an end, we thanked our hosts one last time and had a fantastic time playing with their team.

A Chaos player, marked by Hallie, throws a forehand to a speeding Anisah.

Our drive home provided some more time for sleepy players and once again thank you WWU for letting us visit!!!




MLK Day + Snow = Good Times

Hey everyone, it’s Hallie. I was sad to be stuck in my house yesterday instead of going to AGE-UP, but I did get to enjoy the weather and have a different powerful experience on Monday. I marched in the MLK march downtown, chanting with the enthusiastic crowd, “What do we want?” “Justice!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” and “The people united will never be divided!”

I was there with the Amnesty International club from my school and carried a petition that I completely filled with signatures (29!) of people in support of the the release of Liu Xiaobo who is a Nobel Peace Price winner imprisoned in China for exercising his right to freedom of speech by criticizing corruption in the government. It is one thing to have compassion, but it is another to act on it. Often action requires sacrifice. At first I was shy to approach people. I knew most people would agree to sign it, so I guess I just didn’t want to intrude or make a fool of myself. But soon enough I realized I needed to sacrifice comfort and take the chance of being embarrassed for a much more important cause.

I realized that it’s okay to go to events knowing nothing about the issues they address because, if I do now, when I am older I will knowledgeable enough to be active and make good decisions. I am also planning on going to a death penalty lobby day in Olympia on the 25th, even though I am not in an informed position to lobby, because it will help me move toward being a more aware citizen.

Hope you are staying safe and warm and enjoying the unusual weather! Here is an AGE-UP snowwoman for your personal enjoyment. I will now go ski to the grocery store!

Field Trip to Western Info

Hey all –
We are taking an awesome field trip to Western Washington University in Bellingham this coming Saturday, January 21st.

In order to come with you need to turn in the permission slip and Jefferson waiver, both signed by your parent/guardian, by this Friday January 20th. Both forms are here as pdf’s for you to download and print if you’re able.

Let us know if you have questions about the field trip. We hope you can all make it!
Western Field Trip Permission Slip
Jefferson CC Waiver

Amanda Tries to Cover Up a Day Spent Unwisely

Good morrow, readers. It’s 1:25am and I’m currently bored and unsatisfied with everything. Kidding.

Today (yesterday?), the second years’ session was cancelled due to snow and ice in the evening forecast. And get this: the facilitators didn’t want us driving around in icy conditions at night (not that I could anyway). Meaning? They care! Woohoo!

I told Leah I would blog about mitosis and meiosis because I intended on spending my snow day studying… but I didn’t. So instead, here’s a brief description of the process of mitosis and its relation to AGE-UP.

For starters, mitosis is the process in which eukaryotic (animal and plant) cells divide.

As you can see, that purple thing is the “nucleus”. That’s where mitosis starts. However, this is AGE-UP we’re talking about. Therefore, that’s not a nucleus. That’s a heart. In the heart, the chromatin, or “love”, coil together to create chromosomes, or “lots of love”.

On second thought… this is biology, not AGE-UP.

Well… I tried. Sorry Leah! I couldn’t think of AGE-UP equivalents to centromeres, microtubules, centrioles, and other gross stuff.

So here’s a cat.

Cats need lots of love and the ability to do mitosis in order to survive. Kind of relevant, right?

Facing Body Image

Good afternoon bloggers! Linda wrote a majority of the post, so credits to her!
Today’s session was about our perceptions of beauty and specifically, body image. The workshop was led by our 2nd years, Jhanelle, Frances, and Soriya. It was also the session where coaches and players participated in separate workshops. To be honest, we clicked better and spoke out more when it was just teenage girls around – no offense.

At first, we did an activity about body image. In a circle, we were asked: What does it mean to be called beautiful? Some replies were:

“To me, it means that somebody else thinks I’m both physically beautiful and they like who I am.” –Emma

“Can I disagree with that? This girl, this one cheerleader, at my school – she’s long gone now. This cheerleader she was really pretty. I used to admire her, but when I finally got to know her – she sucked. Her attitude was, I don’t know but she was really bossy, and all this other stuff. And I was like dang, I don’t like her anymore.” –Kay

Although the discussion turned into a bit of a debate, we all had our own opinions about beauty. We later anonymously shared what we liked and disliked about our bodies in a note card activity.

After, we had our ultimate frisbee portion inside Jefferson CC’s gym. We warmed up by easing through two warm-up jogs, plyometrics, and come-to drills. We then split into two groups in order to work on drills to work on defense and reading the disc.
Finishing the drills, we divided into four different groups; two of which conditioned with Shannon while the others scrimmaged.

Second Years Get Personal

Hello, hello, readers. It’s Amanda, again. This week, the Top Chef group (with the addition of yours truly), graced us with homemade, whole-wheat pizzas! We’re not talking Hawaiian, pepperoni, or Canadian bacon, either. There were a total of five pizzas topped with ingredients ranging from broccoli, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and olives, to squash and onions (I think that one went the fastest..).

While finishing dinner, we discussed racism in society. This led to the discussion of the presence of racial stereotypes in movies such as Transformers 2. We also learned that race was impossible to distinguish within genetics. With that, we conversed the significance of race in society despite there being no genetic differences. Leah did a great job explaining that using our (my) favorite thing… food.

Using various fruits, veggies, and a jar of mustard as the perfect examples, Leah challenged Susan to divide the food into groups. Without blinking, Susan divided the food into colors. From that, we learned that although race is genetically irrelevant, the way we are perceived may be based on our race (specifically stereotypes). Therefore, despite being able to control the way we see ourselves, we might not always be able to control how society views us.

After, we engaged in an activity where a statement was read aloud and we stood in a part of the room based on whether we agreed, disagreed or were unsure of our situations regarding said statement. Among the statements were:
“People like me are often portrayed in the media”.
“I grew up speaking the same language I speak at school”.
“I feel like people listen to what I say”.
“I have never had to doubt my sexual identity”.
Between each round, those brave enough explained why they stood where they did. Explanations were met with respect and understanding.
Following the activity, we circled up and expressed our feelings regarding the last hour. Both second years and facilitators alike concluded with excruciatingly honest reflections that resulted in a few minutes of silence after. [To be honest, I almost cried.. but that’ll be our little secret.] We concluded the session with hugs and other forms of AGE-UP love.

On the brighter side, the fruits and veggies used in Leah’s demonstration were claimed and promptly eaten. Hopefully.

Finding Our Identities

Hello! I’m Sophie, one of the AGE UP second years in the media group. We began our session with a dinner, provided by our Top Chef Cooks, of make-your-own sandwiches with an assortment of breads, cheeses, meats, veggies and all the good things that sandwiches are made of. The sandwiches were accompanied by milk and an overload of carrots with ranch dressing.
Our guest speakers today were Genna and Zara who led the activities about Gender and Sexuality. We broke into small groups of about 12 and introduced ourselves, not only with our names, but with our preferred gender pronoun: he, she, they, her, him etc. Activity #1 was to answer the three following questions: What physical traits, style decisions, and behavioral traits differentiate genders?

We took the lists we made and weaved it into activity #2. Genna and Zara labeled the sides of the room: one side was Arnold Schwarzenegger the other was Paris Hilton. They asked personal questions as we placed ourselves on the spectrum of Manly to Feminine based on our opinions. The most interesting questions was “how do you see yourself?” vs. “how do you think others see you?” The amount of movement indicated that it is impossible to base people on their gender appearance. This activity encouraged AGE UP girls to not base someone’s identity on their gender. Their identity could be something else and physical or behavioral traits didn’t necessarily reflect who someone was. By the end of the session it left us with an open mind and less judgmental point of view. Then we walked through the rain to the Mercer gym for Ultimate. We would also like to thank Genna and Zarra again for their time they spent sharing with AGE UP!